Friday, May 1, 2009

Isobot: Small but terrible!

It's really not a competition yet we have to compete as we have seen the other sections aggressively making their room in an I.T environment. They have lot's of gadgets and amazing design for their exhibit. We try those things but our budget is not enough to provide all the materials.

Last minute the exhibit soon to's cramming again, as every students encounter.!

We have nothing to be proud of except this small but terrible robot.ISOBOT, which is accredited as the guinness world record as being the smallest humanoid robot in production. Isobot at 6.5" tall can dance, kung fu kick, hula, somersaults, play air guitar, perform push-ups, animal impersonations and much, much more. And as he fits in the palm of your hand, you can take him anywhere...even just sit him on your desk to keep yourself company. This is a very cool Robot and will keep you entertained for ages. That's why every student who watch our exhibit have real fun and shout out it's name as they exit the room. Aside from Isobot our sections provide all useful information to share with the students that will surely boost their interest in their chosen field as a computer Science Student.We also have fun activities, that not only entertained but provide knowledge for every students. Nissanbot also catch their attention. A robot made up of scrap materials, that only shows that even the mind of a simple man can influence by what so called robotics.
*if you want to watch how amazing this robot, just visit